Who are We?

União Box is a small project started by two Portuguese sisters, one of which moved countries and struggles to find Portuguese ingredients abroad on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons we started this project, as Portuguese products are very difficult to find abroad.

It is very easy to feel lonely in a country where you did not grow up and have no family - not having comfort food makes things even worse. The ingredients in the boxes are a way of satisfying your cravings and putting a smile on your face by snacking on your favorite products. We hope that it will make many people feel a little bit less homesick!

The box is not only meant to be bought by Portuguese people. We aim to connect with people from all over the world who wish to try Portuguese products.

One of our major goals is to spread the word about how good these products are, no matter what nationality you are or where you live.

We share the love for the food and, above all, the love for the amazing country that is Portugal.

Why União?

União is a Portuguese word for Union/Unity. We have a great saying in Portuguese: "A União faz a força" which literally translates to "Strength lies in unity". Is comparable to "There is strength in numbers" or "United we stand".

União - the state of uniting or being united.

We believe that food is one of the few things that will bring people together, regardless of their culture or believes. Therefore, we can even say that there is União in food and we hope that these boxes will give you this special feeling.